Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My PDF Document/ What I did today

Today, after finishing up what I needed on my project, I changed it into a PDF file. It went a lot faster and easier than I thought it would. The only problem I had was when I changed it into a PDF the first time, one of my fonts were blurry. I had to go back and change my font so you could see it on the actual PDF. The 2nd time worked much better. Everything looked good and you could basically see and read everything. My PDF link is in the link above. After, I worked on my brochure a little bit more. Next time, I hope to finish a lot of my travel brochure done and get more work done and research.


  1. your project is really good! was that your brochure? i've done my itinerary but not the brochure...I don't understand how to use the brochure format on Pages :P
    but yours is awesome! just add a few more images here and there :)

  2. Hey! Your project is very
    neat specially the brochure it looks very
    good. It has a very good amount of information
    and thats a good thing! keep it up! :)

  3. Thank you(: If you want I could help you with the brochure format and later on I'll add more images. The problem is that since it's such a small country, it's harder to find pictures for it.

  4. My PDF upload was strangely simple as well. I love how you background-covered your front page with that picture- it makes it look really good. Your table of contents are so neat, too! Totally a top 3 project.

  5. Thank you!! :) I also liked your project too!

  6. You're first two slides look very professional, try to keep that theme/style for the rest of your project and it should be awesome.